Ancelotti’s first comment since Ramos retired from international football

    Made Real Madrid coach Carlo Anchelotti A heated commentary on the current departure from international football of Paris Saint-Germain defender and former Real Madrid star Sergio Ramos.

    The team is getting ready real Madrid Tomorrow, Saturday, in the capital’s derby, at 19:30 local time in Cairo, in the framework of the Spanish league competition, he will meet his colleague, Atlético Madrid.

    Sergio Ramos, the Paris club’s defender and Spain star, has announced his retirement from international football after new coach Luis de Lafuente assured him he was not in his future plans.

    “It’s time to say goodbye to our beloved national team,” Ramos said in a sad statement.

    And he concluded: “This morning I received a call from the current coach, who said that he would not depend on me in the future, regardless of the level that I can show.”

    Sergio Ramos

    Ancelotti’s first comment since Ramos retired from international football

    Ancelotti said during a press conference: “No. I would like to have an eight-point lead so I can win 5-0 at Anfield and win the Spanish Super Cup. But we are doing well, given the absence we have suffered.”

    Carlo Anchelotti

    And when asked about Ramos and “how he sees the age issue,” he responded by emphasizing: “If a player is capable of giving back, his age doesn’t matter. If he’s 17, he should play because he deserves it. The same applies to a player who is 35, 36 or 37 years old, you have to evaluate him every day. Sometimes people say that I don’t use the youth sector enough, but I brought the 17-year-old goalkeeper Buffon. I made this decision at the time because it was special, better than others.”

    And he concluded: “The same applies to a player at the age of 40, if he is able to win the Champions League, as Maldini was at the age of 39, he trained once a week, but participated because he is better than others. If you are better than others, you should always play.”

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