Ancelotti’s Controversial Remarks Before El Clasico Matchup with Barcelona

    Barcelona will face Real Madrid in El Clasico tomorrow, Wednesday, at 9 pm, in El Clasico, expected by fans of the two teams and fans of the round witch.

    Al Merenji will be the guest of his rival Barça in the second leg of the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey.

    Barcelona would play the encounter after going out in the final, winning the second leg at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu with a no-response goal.

    Ancelotti causes controversy ahead of El Clasico

    Ancelotti said before the match: “We are in good shape, motivated and focused, we have good feelings after the match against Valladolid and we are confident that we will succeed.”

    And he continued: “Kros and Modric are always untouchable, but in such matches you need to think about the players from the bench, the main thing is that you are the champion from the bench.”

    And about his opinion about the choice of referees for the match: “I prefer to think about the match, and not about who will blow the whistle for the match. Prepare for the match as well as possible, and you will win.”

    He added: “For me El Clasico is always the most important match and also for the fans and the players, it’s a great competition, it’s an important tournament and we’re getting closer to the final.”

    Change of tactics: “It’s an option, but we have to evaluate it. We did well in the last two games. We competed and were close to winning the Camp Nou. The last El Clasico games weren’t very good.”

    Player Effort: “In terms of energy, it’s definitely important in these matches. A strong start can make for a good match. There’s a lot of pressure in these matches and veteran experience can be important too.”

    And in his speech about the team’s defenders: “We ask the left back to have more control, because Vinicius puts pressure on the opponent, and on the right it depends on whether we have Rodrigo or Valverde.”

    On Valverde: “Fede plays more in the center and pushes the right back to make better use of the space.”

    And he added: “The idea is to play the full game and handle the ball well, because if you play the full game, the goal will come.”

    Receptively with the Queen: “I won’t talk about it.”

    The players have expired contracts: “They are very motivated, the expiration of their contracts does not affect them and they show it. Asensio had a great match against Valladolid, they are 100 per cent ready.”

    On the City player from Remontada: “He’s fine and ready to play.”

    And he continued: “It’s always difficult to pick eleven players. The mentality of a football player is to want to play from the very beginning, and there are fourteen or fifteen players who deserve to start.”

    On Chowmini: “Chowmini is feeling good after his form dropped at the World Cup, he helps a lot in defense and Kamavinga capitalized on that moment well.”

    And he ended his conversation: “We have 90 minutes to return, and I think it will be a very equal match. I do not know who is the preferred candidate, it will determine the small details.”

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