Ancelotti’s Champions League Final Wishlist: Real Madrid vs AC Milan

    Carlo Ancelotti really wants his Real Madrid side to face AC Milan in the Champions League final in Istanbul.

    Los Blancos will play Chelsea in the quarter-finals of the tournament, while Milan are preparing for an all-Italian match with Napoli.

    Madrid will be favorites against Chelsea due to the poor season the Premier League team is going through.

    The situation is different for Milan, as Napoli have crushed their rivals in Serie A this season, but they will have the backing of Ancelotti.

    Asked what he said to Paolo Maldini during a recent conversation with the former defender, Ancelotti told Rai Radio 1: “It was first of all a wish for Milan, of which I am a fan.

    “Actually, Milan-Napoli will be a very balanced and very uncertain match.

    “Would it be nice to meet in Istanbul? Yes, for Madrid, I think, for Milan too, but everyone wants to get to Istanbul.”

    In his pre-match press conference ahead of the first leg of the quarter-final against Chelsea, Ancelotti once again expressed his desire to face Maldini in the final, especially since the host city has no fond memories of the pair who lost in Istanbul. against Liverpool in the 2005 final.

    “Paolo and Istanbul are not the best memories, especially in 2005,” added Ancelotti. “I love Maldini very much, he was my captain and my partner and if we can see each other on my birthday (on the day of the final) it will be very good.”

    For Milan, the draw against Napoli is a chance to build on the recent defeat of the fugitive Serie A leaders in a game that is sure to be emotional.

    Because of this, Ancelotti clarified that pre-game motivational speeches were not required and pre-match discussions should be purely tactical.

    “In these types of games, the players will feel pressure, they will be very motivated, so you don’t have to give motivational speeches,” he explained.

    “The speech that will be given is related to the strategy of the game, to try to give clear and simple instructions to the players so that they feel involved: it is also a way to relieve a little of the pressure that these games cause. will inevitably put on you.”

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