Ancelotti unexpectedly reveals the secret of Vinicius’ genius

    Real Madrid coach Carlo exploded Ancelotti Surprise about the secret of the brilliance of his Brazilian player Vinicius Junior during a press conference before the capital derby.

    Ancelotti unexpectedly reveals the secret of Vinicius' genius

    The team will meet real Madrid His counterpart, Atlético Madrid, will be tomorrow, Saturday, at 19:30 Cairo local time, as part of the Spanish league competition.

    Ancelotti unexpectedly reveals the secret of Vinicius’ genius

    And the Italian coach said during a press conference: “Vinicius works hard, almost every day he stays 15 minutes after training to shoot on goal.”

    Carlo Anchelotti


    And he added: “Most of the players who have his talent sometimes take a break during matches to catch their breath, but he does not.”

    And about Simeone, he said: “I like the character of Simeone, he is very frank when he talks about matches. He has had a lot of success, a lot of Atlético Madrid’s recent success has been due to him, he gave the club a personality, it was a success.”

    And in conclusion, I emphasize: “Yes, yes, I do not need to renew the contract, I already have it. I’m calm, I just need to win matches (laughs).”

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