Ancelotti shares his thoughts on Real Madrid’s defeat to Villarreal

    Carlo Ancelotti spoke after the events of the match, which took place on Saturday evening and brought the team together real Madrid With his counterpart Villarreal in the twenty-eighth round of the Spanish Premier League 2022-2023.

    real Madrid
    real Madrid

    The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, the stronghold of the Royal Club, witnessed the course of the match, which ended in a 3-2 defeat of the merengue by the guests.

    Ancelotti’s first comment after Real Madrid’s loss to Villarreal

    Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, the head coach of Los Blancos, spoke at a press conference after the match between Real Madrid and Villarreal, saying: “It was difficult for us to return the ball.”

    Carlo Anchelotti
    Carlo Anchelotti

    He continued: “We had the opportunity to go 3-1 but it didn’t happen and we tried to defend better.”

    He added: “It was hard for us to be 100% excited like we were against Barcelona, ​​that’s normal.”

    He added: “We had to be better on the court. Villarreal handled the ball well and our chances didn’t go into the net.”

    And the coach continued: “There is no room for doubt for us. It was known that today’s match could be difficult. Wednesday’s game will be a different story.”

    He stressed: “We tried to control the ball, but we were not balanced. It must also be said that Villarreal handles the ball very well and makes them lose concentration a little. We took the lead twice, and then the match could have ended, but we couldn’t score the third goal.”

    And he added: “Chwamini? The level of all players today was below normal. It was hard to be motivated in a game that required a lot of motivation, that’s completely normal. This defeat hurts us, but I don’t like to talk about individuals. Today, few players have a high level.”

    “Isn’t it a problem to have more defeats compared to all of last year? No, our mood is not changing, and Wednesday’s game will be different. Compared to last year, we have lowered the level in La Liga and won it in addition to the Champions League.”

    Carlo Anchelotti
    Carlo Anchelotti

    Ancelotti added: “The team is physically in good shape. We could do better. We didn’t deserve to lose because we had a lot of chances. We lacked balance.”

    And he emphasized: “Your analysis of today’s loss? Lacked balance. They often looked for balls between the lines and that’s something we wanted to control because we can be stronger with him. Twice we were in the lead during the game, and we needed to be more solid.

    And he added: “Are you going to be in the same squad as for the Clasico Cup against Chelsea? Maybe yes. Today the squad has changed because the match against Barcelona exhausted us a lot, both physically and mentally. I thought that the revival of the team would be a good decision, but it did not work out.

    Ancelotti added: “Preparing for two important matches in a short time is difficult. Motivation allows you to be stronger, more precise, have more balance, but this did not happen in today’s game. The team did not abandon the League. We have 10 matches ahead of us and we will try to score as many points as possible.”

    And he continued: “Four attackers in the squad? Balance is very important, but sometimes you plan a match in such a way that you lack balance and want to attack more. You must take into account the pros and cons. Sometimes we wanted to have an open game to score goals, but today it didn’t work.


    He said: “Today’s match was harder than the match against Valladolid because it was difficult for us to get the ball back. If I put four forwards, it’s because I think balance is not the most important thing, and if I think balance is more important, then obviously it’s better to play with four players in the center.

    He concluded: “Permanent change? The rotation was inevitable because the match against Barcelona was great. Today, the performance dropped a little, but on Wednesday we will be in better shape and play a different game.”

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