Ancelotti launches scathing remarks at Barcelona

    Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti made statements at a press conference regarding the Girona match, which will take place tomorrow at 19:30 Cairo time, as part of the eighth round of the Spanish championship, La Liga, and Montelivi. The stadium will host events between the two teams, and the match will be broadcast by beiN Sports 3.

    Carlo Ancelotti - Real Madrid
    Carlo Ancelotti – Real Madrid

    Merengue enters this match in second place with 18 points, while Girona comes into first place with 19 points.

    Ancelotti said on this occasion: Are you surprised that nothing has changed in 7 months?

    Ancelotti attacks Barcelona over Tiggerra affair

    Ancelotti stressed that he is concerned about this serious issue: in the world of football, we must allow justice to work and take its course.

    The Tigrera story once again surprised everyone in Barcelona, ​​especially due to the expected EU sanctions against the Catalan team.

    Brahim Diaz - Real Madrid
    Brahim Diaz – Real Madrid

    Joaquín Aguirre, president of the Court of Inquiry No. 1 of the city of Barcelona, ​​directly accused the Spanish club of bribing Negrere. It is believed that the amount of 17 million euros paid for the 7.5 million euros that were paid to the former deputy and head of the technical committee of the referees is considered a crime.

    The federation has provisionally approved Barca’s participation in the Champions League this summer pending further investigation into the matter, but there are currently two sanctions against the Catalan club and the first is expected to be a disciplinary punishment and the second a disciplinary one. be deprived of participation in the Champions League.

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