An Urgent Humanitarian Plea to Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia: Football Transcends the Game

    Saudi club Al-Nasr came out in response to an appeal from a citizen of Saudi Arabia, who asked Al-Alam officials to support his Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo in connection with a child with cancer.

    Abdulaziz bin Hamad made a humanitarian appeal by posting on his Twitter account a photo of an injured child in the hospital and posting another photo of Cristiano Ronaldo in the victory jersey and the Portuguese national team, writing on it: “Muhammad, I have studied it for years. ago I visited him at home after he had cancer and I really found him.” He needs psychological support to overcome the shock of an illness that has altered his facial features and made his smile disappear.”

    He continued: “His request is simple for Al Nasr club management, but it means a lot to him. Muhammad Mutim is a fan of Ronaldo. His simple request is to visit the club and introduce him with the legend Cristiano Ronaldo. “

    Following Abdelaziz’s tweet, Al Nasr officials responded immediately to his request as Al Nasr’s administration contacted him to implement the request of a child with cancer after the star Ronaldo returned from an international break with Portugal.

    Source: media

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