Home News Algerian Red Castle player enters Al-Ahly from Egypt (photo)

Algerian Red Castle player enters Al-Ahly from Egypt (photo)


Amir Tawfik, director of contracts for Al Ahly club, announced that Ahmed El Kandoussi, a player for Algerian club EC Setif, has joined Red Castle for a four and a half year period.

He added that after full agreement with the Al Ahli football department, all administrative and financial procedures have been completed with the ES Setif club as part of a respectful relationship between the two sister clubs.

Al-Kandoussi is Al-Ahli’s fourth winter contract, following the signings of Khaled Abdel-Fattah, Marwan Attia and Mohamed Al-Dawi Cristo.

Algerian press reports reported the transfer of Ahmed El Candoussi, Algerian player for ES Setif and the Algerian national team, to Al Ahly club yesterday, Saturday, noting that the player is currently competing in the African Cup of Nations for locals. .

And the Algerian newspaper Al-Nahar confirmed that Al-Kandousi will leave the African Championship for the locals to join the Al-Ahly club, noting that an Al-Ahly representative was in Algiers today to settle the deal.

He added that Ahmed Al Kandousi will join his new club Al Ahli in Morocco in preparation for the Club World Cup, in which Al Kandousi will be ready to compete with the red team.

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