Al-Nasr Takes Legal Action Against Besiktas for Taliska Transfer

    Press reports revealed the club’s decision Victory The Saudi government, led by Mesli Al Muammar, filed a formal complaint with the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) against the Turkish club Besiktas.

    This is due to the fact that the Turkish club communicates with the Brazilian club Taliska without the knowledge of the Saudi club, and Taliska has a contract with the Al-Alamy club, and there is currently no intention of his departure, at the request of the coach. Louis Castro.

    Anderson Taliska
    Anderson Taliska

    Castro: It’s sad for the fans of victory… and we are working for the future, not for the present

    Portuguese Luis Castro, coach of Saudi Arabia, spoke about the loss of Al-Alami in the first two rounds of the tournament Saudi Professional League Roshen.

    Casnero stated, “I am saddened by the grief of the Al Nasr fans after the loss and I have a lot of confidence in the team and we are working for the future, not the present.”

    He continued, “It’s not a defeat or two defeats that will get me out of my way…. We will continue the journey together.”

    Luis Castro
    Luis Castro

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