Al-Nasr Fans Left in Awe by Al-Muammar Entertainment’s Unexpected Move

    Today, Friday, Musli Al Muammar, the head of the first football team of the Saudi Al-Nasr club, gave a special surprise to the fans of Al-Alami.

    On November 3 last year, Al-Alami’s board of directors announced that it had filed formal complaints with the competent authorities about a number of tweets that were insulting the club and its fans.

    At the time, the club said in a statement on its official website that it would vigorously address this issue or any other behavior that offends the club’s supporters.

    In addition, the media, Saud Al-Sarami and former Al-Alami Castle spokesman criticized club officials due to the many contracts and statements that the club issued.

    Al-Muammar Entertainment Surprises Al-Nasr Fans

    Al Nasr fans back Al Muammar's decision regarding Riyadh Derby
    Al-Muammar Entertainment Surprises Al-Nasr Fans

    Today, Friday, Musli Al Muammar announced that he had reviewed all cases brought against members of Al Alami Castle, whether media workers or tweeters who had previously insulted the club.

    And one of the social media pioneers approached Al Muammar with a proposal, saying: “Do you think, Bo Abdullah, that the club is refusing some questions, whose fault is simple?! “.

    The answer came from the head of Al-Alama, which said: “Any Nasravi, whatever the size of his mistake, is acceptable. club.”

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