Al-Nasr coach’s statement leaves Cristiano Ronaldo pleasantly surprised

    Portuguese coach Luis Castro, technical director of the Saudi Arabian club An-Nasr, surprised team player Cristiano Ronaldo with harsh statements.

    It is worth noting that Al-Nasr signed Ronaldo in December last year, after the termination of his contract with Manchester United for a period of two and a half years.

    Al-Nasr coach: Cristiano Ronaldo, world authority

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Castro said in a press statement: “It is a pleasure to have Cristiano Ronaldo in the team. He is a player who is considered a global benchmark for what he does on and off the pitch, and for the way he thinks and talks.” . about football is fun.

    He continued: “He is a player who spares no effort. He is very loyal, determined, driven and ambitious, and he carries a number of core values. I know he is playing well now.”

    He stressed: “He scored 12 goals, and he really did, and made 4 or 6 assists in the league, and he shows up even in difficult situations against good teams.

    Al-Nasr coach surprised Cristiano Ronaldo with this statement

    He continued his speech by saying: “He always wants more, but he is very happy to be at the highest level. At such an advanced age, he is 38 years old and he still has big goals, even if he is rehired, and that is the result of hard work.

    The Portuguese concluded his speech with the words: “Cristiano is a world authority.

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