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Al-Nasr Al-Saudi Receives Unexpected Rematch with Al-Batin!


Legal sources have revealed that the match of the first team football in the Saudi club Al-Nasr, which took place on Friday evening, is in danger of a replay with its subcontractor.

At the site of the Marsul Park stadium in the capital of Riyadh, the match between the leader of Saudi Arabia and its subcontractor took place as part of the 19th round of the competition. Saudi League Roshan for professionals.

The match ended with Al-Alami’s three-goal-one victory over Al-Bateen Club, and thus Al-Alami raised his tally to 46 points in the local competition rankings.

It is worth noting that the yellow team is preparing for an important match against the Al-Ittihad club, which will take place next Thursday evening, as part of the twentieth round of the Saudi League Roshan competition.

A deafening surprise for Al-Nasr Al-Saudi. Team rematch with Al-Batin!


Sports lawyer Jacob Al-Mutair, on his official account on the microblogging site Twitter, was very surprised, saying that the match between the two teams could be played again.

According to Article “Three” of the Fourth Law of the Football Game, which states that goalkeepers must wear a different color than the match referee.

Al-Mutair tweeted: “The goalkeeper of the first football team of the Al-Bateen club wore black clothes; This is the same color as the judge’s uniform.

And he emphasized that the similarity of clothes is a technical error that requires a rematch of Al-Nasr and Al-Batin. But the final decision is up to the judging committee.


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