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Al-Nasr, a Saudi star, criticizes Ronaldo


Former Saudi Al-Nasr star Fahd Al-Harifi has criticized current Al-Alami captain Cristiano Ronaldo, stressing that Al-Nasr made a mistake by signing the Portuguese star.

Al-Kharifi’s criticism of Ronaldo came after Al-Nasr’s loss in the Saudi El Clasico match against Al-Ittihad Jeddah with an unanswered goal on matchday 20 of the league.

Al-Harifi said during one of the spaces (platform specializing in chat) via Twitter: “By the glory of God, I didn’t want Cristiano to come to victory in the presence of Talisca (the winner) because I know they are 2v1, and the coming days will prove it if every player tells me to give the ball for a goal because it is a disaster.. I love Ronaldo with an abnormal love, I love his culture and professionalism and respect for him, all this is undeniable, but here I am talking about a player inside the field , the player who receives the ball and plays with the heel of the foot out of the field!, You say that the bridge (passing) The ball between the legs of the opponent) that he played against Tariq Hamed, the player of Al-Ittihad, is great, but what about the heels with which he played off the field?

And he added: “Ronaldo can no longer dribble or rely on himself. He wants an assist, speed and privacy. So far, he has not played well with his head and has not received a characteristic cross.

He concluded: “If I had been one of the facilitators of victory, I would not have signed Cristiano, I would have been looking for Messi or any other player.”

Source: RT


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