Al-Ittihad’s Triumph and Al-Nasr’s Setback Reshapes Saudi Roshan League’s Structure

    Al Joule brings you Saudi League Roshan standings after Al Ittihad win and Al Nasr lose

    Fabio Martins was able to score a goal for the Persian Gulf team in the fourth minute of the match, while Alvaro Gonzalez equalized in the 17th minute of the match.

    While Jeddah Union managed to beat Abha unanswered with four goals, Brazilian Romarinho opened the scoring with the first goal for Al-Ittihad 13 minutes into the first half, with Moroccan Abdul Razzak scoring the second. Hamdallah in the 18th minute, and the third goal was scored by Romarinho in the (30th) minute, and finally the fourth goal was scored by Muhammad Al-Sayari from the penalty spot in the minute (90+2).

    In the following lines, we will show you the Saudi Roshan league ranking after Al-Ittihad won and Al-Nasr stumbled.

    1- Ittihad Jeddah is in first place with 62 points, 25 matches.

    2- Al-Alami is in second place with 57 points, 26 matches.

    3- Al-Shabaab in third place with 53 points, 25 matches.

    4- Al-Hilal is in fourth place with 49 points, 25 matches.

    5- Al Taawun in fifth place with 40 points, 25 matches.

    6- Al Fateh is in sixth place with 39 points, 25 matches.

    7- Al Tayeh is in seventh place with 34 points, 25 matches.

    Organization of the Saudi Roshan League after the victory of Al-Ittihad and the stumble of Al-Nasr

    8- Damak is in eighth place with 32 points, 25 matches.

    9- Al-Ettifak is in ninth place with 30 points, 25 matches.

    10- Abha in tenth place with 30 points, 25 matches.

    11- Al Raed is in eleventh place with 29 points, 25 matches.

    12- Al Wehda is in twelfth place with 26 points, 25 matches.

    13- Al Faija is thirteenth with 25 points, 26 matches.

    14- Al-Khalij in fourteenth place with 24 points, 26 matches.

    15- Al-Adala is in fifteenth place with 21 points, 26 matches.

    16- Al-Batin in 16th place with 15 points, 25 matches

    Saudi Federation resumes training with physical examination of players
    Saudi Federation resumes training with physical examination of players

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