Al-Ittihad’s Historic Win in the Saudi Roshan League: What’s Next?

    Find out about the standings of the Saudi League Roshan 2022/23, after Al-Ittihad defeated Al-Nasr, in the 20th round, with a score of 1-0, in a match that took place at the Radioactive Jewel Stadium, the stronghold of Brigadier General.

    Romario star Dicardo da Silva managed to score Al Ittihad’s goal against Al Nasr in the 81st minute of the match, propelling Al Amid to the top of the league with 47 points.

    Saudi League Roshan Ranking
    Saudi League Roshan Ranking

    Saudi League organization Roshen after Al-Ittihad’s victory over Al-Nasr

    1- Ittihad Jeddah is in first place with 47 points, 20 matches.

    2- Al-Nasr in second place with 46 points, 20 matches.

    Organization of the Saudi Roshan League after Al-Ittihad's victory over Al-Nasr

    3- Al-Shabaab in third place with 43 points, 20 matches.

    4- Al Taawun is in fourth place with 34 points, 19 matches.

    5- Al-Hilal is in fifth place with 33 points, 17 matches.

    6- Al Fateh is in sixth place with 31 points, 19 matches.

    7- Al Tayeh is in seventh place with 25 points, 19 matches.

    8- Al-Ettifak is in eighth place with 23 points, 20 matches.

    9- Al-Faihaa is in ninth place with 23 points, 19 matches.

    10- Damak is in tenth place with 22 points, 19 matches.

    11- Abha in eleventh place with 22 points, 19 matches.

    12- Al Raed in twelfth place with 21 points, 19 matches.

    13- Al Wehda is in thirteenth place with 21 points, 20 matches.

    14- Al-Khalij in fourteenth place with 16 points, 19 matches.

    15- Al-Adala is in fifteenth place with 16 points, 19 matches.

    16- Al-Batin in 16th place with 9 points, 20 matches.

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