Al Hilal’s chances at the Riyadh derby jeopardized by Barcelona errors before Al Nasr match!

    We are now only a few hours away from the start of the Riyadh derby between Al Hilal and Al Nasr in the Saudi Pro League Roshen Championship competition.

    1. Al Malaz Stadium will host a match between two teams, which will be held as part of the twenty-fifth round of the championship Saudi League Roshan Professionals for the current sports season.

    Barcelona mistakes threaten Al Hilal ahead of Riyadh derby ahead of Al Nasr!

    Find out about Al-Hilal's second friendly after beating Almeria.
    Barcelona mistakes threaten Al Hilal ahead of Riyadh derby ahead of Al Nasr!

    Many influencers have previously warned the blue leader against a catastrophe that would jeopardize his position in the upcoming match against Al Nasr in the Saudi Arabian league today.

    Many sources said that the blue team made a particular mistake by inviting their fans to the match, and last night, the blue team’s official account tweeted that ticket sales had not exceeded the 50 percent barrier in the midst of a big shock!

    The Crescent Administration determined a 30% ticket share for Al-Nasr fans, with the remaining 70% going to Azraq fans, and announced ticket prices starting at 138 SAR per ticket.

    Al-Hilal's last training session before collaboration
    blue leader

    The issue has angered a large number of Al Hilal fans demanding lower ticket prices so that as many fans as possible can attend and support their team tonight in front of the opposition.

    In the same context, journalist Faisal Al-Karran urged Al-Zaim’s management to increase the winning percentage to 80% of the ticket share of the match in order to benefit financially and preserve the aesthetic of the match. and described Al-Azraq as closed.

    Some tweeters have also warned their team via Twitter that Nasrawi fans will buy most of the tickets allocated to Al-Hilali, which exposes the blue team to a major external threat.

    As previously happened with Barcelona, ​​in the famous Europa League match against Eintracht in Frankfurt, which ended with Barça saying goodbye to the championship, losing to their guest.


    This happened after the Catalan fans sold their tickets to the German fans, so the Camp Nou stadium became more like an open stadium for the Barcelona players, which led to their defeat in the match.

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