Al-Hilal Star Departs for Villarreal, Spain

    Sources in the Spanish press said that Saudi star Al-Hilal left the ranks of the first football team, moving to the Spanish club Villarreal, after the end of his contract with the team.

    The Blue leader will return to end his career in the Saudi Roshen League, facing his colleague Al Wahda, on Thursday, March 2, 2023, as part of the next round of the Saudi Roshen League.

    The Al-Hilal star leaves the team and moves to Villarreal, Spain.

    Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo has reported that Al-Hilal’s Luciano Vito of Argentina will return to Villarreal next season.

    And added that Villarreal reached an agreement with 29-year-old Vito to join his ranks for free after the end of his contract with the Saudi team.

    In 2020, Vito joined Al Hilal from Sporting Lisbon, Portugal for a period of three years until 2023, having previously played for Villarreal in the season (2014-2015) and scored 20 goals.

    Vito scored 3 goals with the lead during his participation in the Club World Cup, including two goals against Real Madrid in the final match, which brought the two teams together.

    After three years of playing in Saudi stadiums, the Argentine player decided to return to Europe again and settle for a period spent with the Saudi Arabian leader.

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