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Al-Hilal Saudi Arabia Struggles Ahead of Custodian Cup of the Two Holy Mosques Match Against Al-Wahda.


The Saudi Al-Hilal team is going through a major crisis the day before their upcoming match against Al-Wehda in the final of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup.

The first football team at Al Zayim Castle is preparing for an important match against their Saudi counterpart, Al Wahda Club, in the final of the Keepers of the Two Holy Mosques Cup, which is scheduled to be held at the King Abdullah Sports grounds. City stadium.

The whistle will sound at the beginning of the match between my two teams. crescent And Al-Wahda, tomorrow, Friday, at exactly nine o’clock in the evening Cairo time and at ten o’clock Al-Mukarram Makkah time.

And according to what has been revealed by the Saudi Sports newspaper, the leader, led by his Argentine coach Ramon Diaz, is in a major crisis just before the upcoming Al Wahda match.

Al-Hilal Saudi Arabia faces a crisis before facing Al-Wahda in the Custodian Cup of the Two Holy Mosques.

Salem Al-Dosari, the star of Al Zaim Castle’s first team football, is expected to miss tomorrow’s Al Wehda match after the player suffered a sudden health problem that caused him to miss Al-Hilal training.

The Saudi newspaper also confirmed that Salem Al-Dosari’s absence rate from the upcoming finals of the Custodians of the Two Holy Mosques Cup is 90%.

Argentina coach Ramon Diaz, head coach of Al Hilal, is awaiting a decision from the team’s medical staff regarding the possibility or impossibility of Salem Al Dosari’s participation in front of Al Wahda, as the player is considered one of the most important pillars of the leadership division.

The player, who has 31 workers, has appeared in 19 matches against Al Hilal Saudi Arabia at the level of all local competitions this season, scoring 6 goals and scoring 3.


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