Al-Hilal coach refuses to comment on Al-Nasr coach’s statements due to a specific reason!

    Jesús, manager of Saudi Al-Hilal, responded to statements by Luis Castro, manager of Al-Nasr, during a press conference on the final of the King Salman Cup among clubs.

    Al-Zaim is preparing for a heated confrontation with Al-Nasr tomorrow, Saturday, at the city’s King Fahd Stadium.

    Hilal from Saudi Arabia
    Hilal from Saudi Arabia

    Match date Al-Nasr vs Al-Hilal in the Arab Championship final

    The match is due to start tomorrow, Saturday, August 12, 2023, at exactly 9:00 p.m. Egypt and Saudi Arabia time.

    What did winning the King Salman Club Cup give?

    Al-Hilal coach: I won't talk about Al-Nasr coach's statements for this very reason!

    In the group stage Al-Nasr finished second in the Group C table with 5 points after one win and two draws.

    In the quarter-finals, Al-Alami won against Al-Raja by three goals: one.

    And Al-Nasr advanced to the final after beating the Iraqi police with a clean goal in the semi-finals.

    What did Al-Hilal do in the King Salman Club Cup?

    Al-Zaim finished second in the second group with 4 points from a draw, a win and a loss.

    In the quarter-finals, he managed to defeat Ittihad Jeddah three goals to one.

    In the semi-finals, Al-Zaim advanced to the final after defeating Al-Shabaab three goals to one.

    Castro: Al-Hilal don’t need to sign striker

    And Luis Castro said in a press conference before the meeting: “The Al Hilal manager says he doesn’t have a striker and he scores so many goals, so he doesn’t need to sign a striker.”

    Al-Hilal coach: I won’t talk about Al-Nasr coach’s statements for this very reason!

    Jorge Jesus
    Al-Hilal coach talks about Goller’s move to Real Madrid

    Jesus responded to Castro’s comment by saying, “I won’t talk about the Al-Nasr manager’s statements. This is my team and I see what I need.”

    And he continued his speech by saying: “The team needs a number of players, including a striker. The fact is that I do not have a striker, because Malcolm is not a direct striker, like Al-Hamdan.”

    And he continued: “In the end, what remains is the opinion of a colleague and the knowledge of many years ago. We are now on two sides, and everyone wants to protect their interests.”

    And he continued by saying: “This is the 24th final in my training life, history and experience have taught me that there is no team better than the other, and anything can happen in the final.”

    And he emphasized: “We have some great set-piecers and the exit is tied to the idea we want. Every set point and time is different and we’re lucky to have great players in that.” . ”

    And he summed up: “We deservedly arrived, and we are on the rise and constantly developing. We know the victory very well and the elements that it has, and we will prepare to perform at our best and treat the opponent with great respect.”

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