Al-Hilal begins quest for Ramon Diaz’s successor!

    Press reports raised eyebrows that Saudi Al-Hilal, led by Fahd bin Nafel, were looking for a replacement for Argentine coach Ramon Diaz. To take over the training team.

    Diaz is absent from the Saudi Arabian national team, from where he traveled to his native Argentina after news of a painful crash that injured Michel, Diaz’s son and brother of Emiliano, an assistant coach at Al Zayim.

    The news that Diaz did not continue with leader Hilali came along with the news that he had not yet returned from Argentina, prompting Argentine newspapers to link the name to his taking over the Saudi Arabia national team, replacing Renardo.

    Al-Hilal starts searching for a replacement for Ramon Diaz!

    Press reports reported a big surprise as Al-Hilal’s administration began moving towards signing a new coach who would take on the task of coaching the team following the news that Ramon Diaz would not continue with the team.

    Today, Wednesday, Al-Weam reported that uncertainty about Diaz’s future with the Blues leader has begun to soar, especially after his return to Saudi Arabia was delayed.

    And the newspaper added that Bin Nafel’s administration has given Argentine coach Ramon Diaz the freedom to choose whether to stay with the team or leave at the end of the current season.

    The newspaper indicated that the Crescent administration had begun file discussions for senior coaches to take on the challenge of leading the first team in the event of Ramon Diaz leaving.

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