Al-Dosari’s Homecoming: The Long-Awaited Return to Al-Hilal.

    Saudi press reports have revealed the return date of Salem Al-Dosari, the star of the Al-Hilal club, especially after his absence from the green box in the current period.

    Al-Dosari will not be in the first team in today’s match against his colleague from Al Shabab in the expected derby at the Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium in Riyadh as part of the 22nd round of the tournament. Saudi League Roshan for professionals.

    In today’s match, Blue Leader comes out and is third with 45 points and Al Shabab is fourth with 44 points and both teams are looking to win at the expense of the other.

    Date of return of Salem Al-Dosari to participate in Al-Hilal.

    Latest developments regarding Salem Al Dosari's injury
    Date of return of Salem Al-Dosari to participate in Al-Hilal.

    The Al-Riyadh newspaper has revealed the date for the return of Salem Al-Dosari, the star of Al-Hilal, after his absence from the stadiums. Due to an injury sustained in the joint of the foot.

    Al-Dossari was injured while playing for Saudi Arabia in their last training camp as part of the FIFA Week.

    The newspaper indicated that Al-Dosari had largely recovered from his joint injury as he would enter the training session after his team’s match against Al-Shabaab, on the condition that medical personnel stand on that side.

    And Al-Riyadh added that he would be ready to take part in the Al-Thai match in the twenty-third round, as part of the Roshen Professional League competition, which is scheduled for next Monday.

    She also indicated that Al-Dosari conducted a rehabilitation program last night that included physical and technical tests in addition to ball training at the club’s court.

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