Al-Azhar Shows Support for Mustafa Mohamed’s Refusal to Join Pro-Homosexuality Campaign.

    The anti-extremism observatory Al-Azhar expressed solidarity with the position of the Egyptian player Mostafa Mohamed after the French football club Nantes imposed a fine on him for refusing to participate in a campaign in support of homosexuals.

    The Al-Azhar Observatory has confirmed that the sports sector and other sectors in the world have come within reach of the proponents and advocates of these immoral ideas and behaviors, who have used stadiums and other facilities as a bridge to spread their intellectual poisons under the guise of freedom, diversity and support for another , even if this distinction is contrary to human nature and what has come in religion.

    The Al-Azhar Observatory pointed out a clear contradiction among these people. By demanding the application of the principles of freedom and respect for diversity, they seek to force those who reject these ideas to comply with instructions that are contrary to their religious beliefs, or to receive material and other penalties.

    The Al-Azhar Observatory demanded that a sports environment be created that respects the human instincts and religious beliefs of the players, and that the stadiums are not used for malicious purposes, from which humanity will only reap poverty and extinction.

    Club Nantes, which is fighting to stay in the French first division Ligue 1, has announced the imposition of a fine on a professional player in its ranks, Mostafa Mohamed, after he refused to wear a shirt with the slogan Campaign led by the French League in support of what she calls the “LGBT community”.

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