Al Ahly of Saudi Arabia Faces New Turmoil

    Regular slaps have not ceased to embarrass the ranks of the first football team of the Saudi Al-Ahly club, as a new crisis has arisen for the team, for which it can be punished.

    And Al Ahly had previously been registered for two transfer periods, and this happened against the backdrop of non-payment of dues by Jamaican Luis Gharapan, a former player on the team.

    And then he is subjected to another punishment, due to the case of the Brazilian Danclair Pereira, a former player of the team, and he was fined the amount of “6.75 million Saudi riyals.”

    He has also previously been denied registration in new team deals due to the case of his player Filip Bradarich, and therefore disasters do not come individually to the Al Ahly administration.

    Al Ahly Saudi News .. New crisis hits team

    Revealing the fate of Frank Koum with Al Ahly Saudi Arabia
    Al Ahly Saudi News .. New crisis hits team

    Al Ahly’s situation has now become very difficult, especially after a series of cases that have befallen the first team in the past period, and now the club is on the verge of a new case.

    Al-Riyadiya newspaper reported that Frank Koum, a former Al-Ahly player, has decided to file a new complaint against the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) Al-Ahly administration.

    This is due to the fact that the club terminated the contract of Frank Koum during the last winter transfer period.

    The newspaper continued that the player referred in the text of his complaint to the fact that the time of termination of the contract falls on the last hours of the winter transfer period, which did not serve as a reason for him to look for another club to join.

    She added that Qom demanded 4 million SAR, the value of his financial contributions, and showed that he could reach an agreement with Al Ahly’s leadership to resolve the crisis.

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