Al-Ahly clarifies withdrawal from Egyptian Super Champions tournament in official statement

    Al-Ahli club, champions of the Egyptian Premier League, has announced that it will not participate in any tournament run by the local federation of the game in the country.

    And the Egyptian Football Association decided to organize a super champions championship with four clubs: the league champion, the Egyptian Cup champion, the Pro Club League Cup champion and the league runner-up.

    In a statement released on the Al Ahly club’s official website, the club said it had sent a letter to the Football Association notifying them not to participate in any new competitions.

    Al-Ahli said: “This decision was made due to the extreme difficulty of participating in this tournament, given the saturation of the new football season with many local and continental tournaments.”

    In addition, Al-Ahli has renewed its inquiry to the Football Association asking them to find out the date of the Super Cup tournament, which is held annually between the league and cup champions, and whether any amendments have been made to its system.

    Al-Ahly will take part in many tournaments next season, especially with the introduction of a new tournament at the African level.

    Al Ahli will play in the African Super League, the African Champions League and the Club World Cup next season, as well as the Egyptian Premier League and the local cup.

    Source: agencies

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