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After Winning Copa del Rey, Real Madrid President Delivers Incendiary Remarks


Florentino Perez became club president real Madrid The Spaniard made fiery statements after the “creamy” won the Copa del Rey.

On the territory of the La Cartuja stadium, the stronghold of Osasuna, the match took place, which brought him to the Royal Club in the final confrontation of the King’s Cup.

The Los Blancos team won the Copa del Rey for the twentieth time in the history of the capital’s club after losing the title nine years ago, beating the hosts 2-1.

Rodrigo Goss opened the scoring in the second minute of the match, then in the 58th minute Osasuna’s Lucas Toro equalized the score for his team against Real Madrid.

And in the 70th minute of the final match, star Rodrigo Goss increased the score in favor of the Royal Club, scoring the second goal against Osasuna.

Real Madrid President Makes Fiery Statements After Winning Copa del Rey

Pérez spoke after the match, saying: “Titles are achieved with great effort and sacrifice. Firstly, I want to congratulate Osasuna on the season they have achieved. They fought and it deserves respect.”

He continued: “The cup was very competitive. We started with Caserino, then Villarreal, Atlético and Barcelona. In the final Osasuna presented a good match. They fought so I appreciate them.”

He added: “Rodrigo is very good, he is still young and will bring many years and happiness to the Madrid players.”

And he continued: “Vinicius is the best in his position, it’s true that he’s hard to stop and that’s why he makes a lot of mistakes in protest and gets a yellow card. I don’t understand that. You have to protect players who make offers.”

The Real Madrid president confirmed: “The cup gives us a lot of energy, but it doesn’t give us time to rest before the City game. I don’t know who set the schedule, but they have to make him revise it.”

He concluded by answering the question of whether Ancelotti would leave Real Madrid and replied: “I don’t even want to hear about it. He has one more year on his contract and we are very happy with him.”


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