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after his gag "fatal" In front of Salah, Courtois reveals the secret of the return of Real Madrid in the match against Liverpool


Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibault Courtois made a disastrous mistake when he handed Liverpool a second goal, oddly slipping in front of Reds star Mohamed Salah, who exploited the error to put the ball into the net.

Following the end of the match and Real Madrid’s success in overcoming a deficit against Liverpool with two unanswered goals in a 5-2 win in a match that brought the two teams together in the Champions League opener yesterday Tuesday. In the league final, Courtois explained what happened the moment he got the second goal.

The Belgian international goalkeeper said: “I was a bit unlucky on that shot. It was a bit of a difficult pass from (Dani) Carvajal (his teammate), I controlled him well and tried to pass, but I saw Salah standing still in front of the ball. bounced off my knee and I put it on.” Salah in the net… that’s bad luck.”

After that, Courtois also spoke about how his colleagues put pressure on Liverpool, and how this affected Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker, who made a similar mistake.

The Belgian goalkeeper said: “We knew we could hurt them and the first goal gave Vinicius a break. The same thing happened with Alisson and we went into the second half, we had some counterattacks and we knew we could create problems for them.” . and that is what allowed us to win the match today (yesterday).”

And he continued: “We always have the opportunity to react and find something good in the midst of a bad situation. Perhaps this goal helped us react (Salah’s goal against Real Madrid), my teammates also told me not to worry. , everyone knows that we have a lot, and that’s how it was done.”

He concluded: “Madrid will always fight to the end. Liverpool are not last year’s team. They are more vulnerable defensively and we saw that today (yesterday) but we haven’t qualified yet and anything can happen (in the second leg) . .

Real Madrid, having beaten Liverpool, took a giant step towards reaching the quarter-finals and continued their title defense campaign before hosting the Reds in the second leg three weeks later.

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