After departing from the team, Milner speaks to Liverpool supporters

    England international James Milner has spoken out about his departure from Liverpool after the club announced that the player’s contract would not be renewed.

    And the Reds failed to achieve a victory over Aston Villa, getting closer to participating in the Europa League instead of the European Champions League, in which the Reds are used to participating in recent years.

    Milner set to return to Liverpool

    Liverpool Milner

    “It was a special moment,” Milner told BBC Sport after the match. I was lucky to have a good time here in a very special place, maybe I will play here again. who knows”?.

    He added: “The championship the Reds have always wanted was the league and now I am leaving after we achieved it (2019-2020). I think winning any championship at any time is a special feeling. This is required by clubs like Liverpool.

    Milner concluded his speech: “I’ve had an incredible time here, I’m happy with the team I’ve been a part of and the success I’ve brought to the history of the club. We have our last match and it would be good to finish it with a win. I was available most of the year, participated and felt good. Age is just a number.”

    Milner spent 8 years with the Reds after joining them on a pro bono basis after leaving Manchester City.

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