A sharp attack on Liverpool from the legends of the English Premier League after the defeat to Real Madrid

    Last night, a top-level European match took place, in which the Spanish “Real Madrid” will play with the English “Liverpool” in the first legs of the 1/8 finals of the European Champions League 2022-2023.

    The Reds’ stronghold, Anfield Stadium, saw the Royal Club achieve a massive 5-2 victory over the landlord in a two-team marathon showdown at the Champions League Final Price.

    Liverpool players opened the scoring thanks to Darwin Nunez and Mohamed Salah, while Vinicius Junior (two goals), Eder Militao (goal) and Karim Benzema (two goals) scored for Real Madrid.

    A sharp attack on Liverpool from the legends of the English Premier League after the defeat to Real Madrid

    “A disastrous result,” Liverpool legend James Carragher told CBS.

    He added: “Liverpool was random, the second half was already disgraceful, the 2-0 defeat was catastrophic, the defensive play was very poor unlike last season, we are also suffering from poor midfield play and the attackers don’t press like they used to.” .

    He added: “On the contrary, Real Madrid have put on an outstanding performance, especially when it comes to Anfield, and are destroying Liverpool in a way that I’ve never seen before.”

    For his part, Steven Gerrard, Liverpool legend, stated that Real Madrid’s victory with this result is very realistic, as he said: “Despite Liverpool’s superiority at the start, the result is based on realism thanks to the brilliance of Karim Benzema and Luca Modric”.

    He explained: “After this big result, there has to be honesty. I lost by five goals. We need to know the reasons for such a big drop.”

    And he stressed: “I trust Jurgen Klopp’s ability to get back on track and he did it in the next few days because Liverpool can’t concede 5 goals at Anfield, but that was rare.”

    And he continued his speech: “They have to look at themselves in the mirror. Bad game at the defensive level. They got and failed to take the opportunity to score at Real Madrid, so the result turned against them.”

    Arsenal legend Thierry Henry said on CBS, stressing: “Some players are no longer at an acceptable level at Liverpool, I think it’s the end of an era.”

    And he continued: “Thibaut Courtois made a mistake with Real Madrid, but his teammates actually saved him, unlike what the Liverpool players did to Alisson after they equalized.”

    He concluded: “I don’t agree with Jurgen Klopp’s departure from Liverpool, but there are some players whose level has dropped significantly and I think this result is good for them to try to recover.”

    Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand also spoke out, saying: “There is a big difference in level between Real Madrid and Liverpool. Look at Liverpool as they are a team that can’t keep up their progress, unlike Real Madrid.” who showed his character in a difficult comeback”.

    And concluded: “Liverpool” – a team that lacks confidence throughout the season. Complete uncertainty. This is their weak point when they are late as a result. Everything is over”.

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