A Memorable Evening in Bellingham: Exploring the Magic of a Special Number

    English star Judd Bellingham is on a date with a standout number tonight if the Real Madrid star can score against Celta Vigo where the Royal Club will face him tonight at 10:30 sharp Cairo time and Mecca Al Mukarram in the Spanish League Third Matchday .

    Jude Bellingham scored three goals in his first two matches for Real Madrid, a decisive contribution since his departure. Karim Benzema to the clubs jeddah union this summer.

    Bellingham - Real Madrid
    Bellingham – Real Madrid

    A scene already familiar to Real Madrid fans: young Englishman Jude Bellingham scores while smiling, holding hands after the ball hits the net, so the scene is repeated in three separate La Liga matches.

    Ancelotti: What Bellingham is doing is no surprise

    confirmed Carlo AnchelottiThe Real Madrid manager was not surprised by the level of England’s Jude Bellingham, a new royal player, in just the first two rounds of La Liga, despite everyone’s amazement at his game and speed of adaptation.

    Ancelotti said: “Jude Bellingham is a very impressive player, mature and of exceptional quality, and what he does does not surprise those who know him.”

    Carlo Ancelotti - Real Madrid
    Carlo Ancelotti – Real Madrid

    Ancelotti noted the England international’s ability to use space, control midfield and build attacks for the team.

    The Royals now play for Bellingham as the number 10 player behind two strikers. This is the plan that Ancelotti used in the early days of his career. Italian league.

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