6 Facts Highlighting Ronaldo’s Struggles in Saudi Arabia: Newspaper Report

    Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo has confirmed that Al-Nasr striker Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portuguese star is not comfortable in Saudi Arabia.

    A Spanish newspaper built its opinion that “Ronaldo is unhappy in Saudi Arabia” based on his relationship with players and fans.

    She added: “Ronaldo is always focused on competing fans, referees, opponents and even his coaches and this has been demonstrated in more than one incident.”

    She explained that the facts confirm that Ronaldo is under a lot of pressure in Saudi Arabia, the first of which manifested itself during the defeat in El Clasico to Al Ittihad on March 9.

    Where Don exploded when Romarinho scored the only goal of the match in the 80th minute, and when leaving the stadium he kicked a water bottle with force.

    And in mid-March, he got angry because the referee blew the whistle for the end of the first half during Al-Nasr’s quick counter-attack and ended up getting a yellow card.

    Shortly thereafter, he showed extreme nervousness following his team’s draw against Al Faihaa and rudely left the stadium, gesturing angrily and arguing with several opposing players before heading to the dressing room.

    A few days later, he played a major role in the sacking of his coach Rudy Garcia, after conveying to management that he did not like the French coach’s approach or the team’s match-level dynamics, and felt that his team had much more potential than it appears in the title fight.

    The most notable incident was during the match between Al-Nasr and Al-Hilal, and the defeat of Ronaldo’s associates (2: 0), and their removal, albeit insignificant, from the fight for the championship, as he made immoral movements towards the Fans “Al-Hilala” is sung by the Argentinean Lionel Messi.

    Two days ago, Al-Nasr was eliminated from the semi-final of the King’s Cup, angering Ronaldo, who sharply confronted his new coach Dinko Gilisic in the first half to reprimand him for his team’s goal. conceded.

    Notably, Ronaldo signed for Al-Nasr last January for €200m a season after his contract with Manchester United was terminated.

    Source: “Media”

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