Maurizio Sarri admitted that it would be impossible to replace Eden Hazard if he were to leave for Real Madrid.

“From the technical point of view, no. Not at the moment. Also, because it’s impossible to find another Hazard. At the moment there isn’t another Hazard, the level is so high. You’d have to find two players to make the level of Hazard. So I hope Hazard can stay here, otherwise we’ll have to try something different,” said Sarri.

Hazard scored both goals in Chelsea’s 2-0 win over West Ham, including a stunning solo goal to open the scoring.

“It was something special. I took the ball and then I tried to move forward. When in the box it is hard for the defender to challenge me because if he touches me it could be a penalty. I was maybe a little lucky with the shot. I wanted to shoot quickly. When I saw the ball in the net I was just so happy. I am small so it is good when I play against tall players as it’s very hard for them to change direction when I run at them. That’s my game,” added Hazard.