Jurgen Klopp said he’s focused on completing his Liverpool project after Franz Beckenbauer raised the possibility of Klopp managing Bayern Munich.

“Jurgen Klopp at Bayern. That would be the highlight. Jurgen was the one who taught the Germans how to play football quickly,” said Beckenbauer.

Klopp responded that he still has more to accomplish with Liverpool.

“Neither from the owners nor from my side there is even a tendency in this direction. So, nobody has to think about that. Franz just says such a sentence and, of course, he triggers very much with it. He didn’t ever care about that. It’s long way until then. In principle in football it’s like that – the opportunity and the timing have to be right. But I’m totally happy here and I don’t feel I’m any kind of finished at all. Our team has a good age structure, we can still work together for a long time,” said Klopp.