The head of the European Genome Archive claimed that he could clone Messi with the help of modern science.

“We could get a player very similar to Messi. We would be able to clone him with current techniques and get something that would look like a twin. If would be as if two twins had been born and one of them would have been kept frozen in a time chamber. Then 20 or 30 years later we would return him to his correct time. If everything had went well, it would be the same,” said Arcadi Navarro.

Navarro added that a clone wouldn’t necessarily guarantee a superstar player.

“Genetics gives us a scope. This person could have the same potential as Messi but in the end, Messi‘s footballing qualities have two components. One is very clear and it is genetic and the other is educational, circumstantial and environmental. Messi is Messi and isn’t who he is only because of genetics. He is a product of his environment, of growing up in La Masia, of the hormonal treatment he received…What genetics does is to give a potential, as was the case with Messi but whether that is fulfilled or not comes down to the circumstances and what happens around us,” he added.